Did You Say Snow?

In honor of this snowy morning, when the state is in lockdown, and words such as “smowmageddon” and “Blizzard of 2015” are heard, I share some other words…

Ode to Snow

S-ilky, soft and silently serene
N-early Norwegian in nature and name
O-pens opportunities for other original ordeals
W-hen we walk with wonder in its wetness

S-ymbiotic sensations seize our senses
N-either numbed nor neglected, no!
O-ften only to be ostentatiously opened
W-ith windy whisks wherever we will go

S-ow, snow, see such splendid snow!
N-ow Nina knows a natural nirvana
O-h, organics of my origins, offerings I owe.
W-hen waking with wild and whimsical wishes

S-entences with snowy scenes sublimely shared

N-oticing neat nuances, never negative nonsense

O-f this other, often omitted and audacious ogre.
W-hy wail, rejoice! Winter welcomes, with wonder!



Permission to be Free

Seeking permission to shed a role

I somehow ended up with, despite it all.

Yearning for a sign from this life or beyond

Telling me I can and must and will in time

Courageously peel the mask, the scars and the skin

Away in favor of a splendid metamorphosis.


But perhaps the permission must come from within

If I listen close to the voice of my intuition

The one imprinted on every fiber of my core –

Not the voice of my mother, lover, or friend

But rather that of the woman I have become,

True to herself, fully, honestly, even brutally.


A writer once called out to her sisters near and far:

“To write is to try to understand…to repeat the unrepeatable,

to write is also to bless a life that has not been blessed.”

And I say: you draw, she acts, he dances, I write; together we shall sing:

I give myself permission to heed my calling and find true beauty,

Dedicating this one life of mine to the joy of being free.


(Inspired from an African folk tale as told by Sara DeBeer)