A Viking Jewess in Maine

Time flies. In September of 2017 I had just lived in my new home-state Maine for a few weeks when I had an essay published in the lovely magazine Edible Maine. They were not fully digital yet back then, but now they are, and I am happy to share it with you here!

Click here to read “A Viking Jewess in Maine” in full (approx. 1000 words/7 min read).


Edible Maine Viking Jewess


3 thoughts on “A Viking Jewess in Maine

    • Thanks for reading, and yes, it really is special. I never felt so attached to “place” when I lived in CT for 25 years! There is was more the people (friends and family). However, I’m done with winter for this year, though!…ugh…sleeting again today. I’m ready for spring.

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