Women in the Holocaust: In Memory of Gisèle Braka (1920-2013)

This in observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day late.

In 2013, I wrote this poem in Israel the morning I heard the news of Gisèle’s death. I was attending a conference on Women and the Holocaust in Israel, and my talk was about her heroic and unusual life as a Tunisian Jewish woman who joined the resistance during World War II, and experienced the war both in France and in Tunisia.

On This Day

On this day, women gathered to remember women, like you

Turning a flicker of hope, an act of kindness, a mother’s touch into a flame of eternal Memory

A humbling act indeed, for me, to name you


I shall not easily forget the twinkle in your eyes that told me you




Even after you had stopped using words, your actions spoke for you,

For your


On this day, women, young, old, and in-between, shared stories of


And even those who did not live, who do not live, who cannot live


Will always be among us now; their stories become ours as we




Even after we stop using words, our actions will speak for us,

For our


In your


And so the flame remains eternal

On this day, you will be remembered

N.B.L., Nahariyah, Israel, March 5, 2013



6 thoughts on “Women in the Holocaust: In Memory of Gisèle Braka (1920-2013)

    • Thanks for your comment Dina. It may feel repetitive sometimes, but even if we remember it, write about it, talk about, sing about, act about it, paint about it, cry about it millions of times, it is not enough.

    • Merci pour cela, Anne, ca me fait plaisir de lire. Desolee que je suis un peu en retard dans ma reponse!

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